Inter Regional Research Presentation



Fourteen (14) health researches from all the regions were presented. The topics are diverse, which include both the physical and the social sciences.  Dr. Maria Graciela Garayblas - Gonzaga, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Sto. Tomas provided the synthesis and recommendations for the 14 researches.


1. Health Worker Migration: Its Impact in the Delivery of Services to the DOH Retained Hospitals in Region 1.
Increase migration is due to better compensation for health workers abroad.
Consider the effect of the current policy of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) regarding professional tax.
Expand the research to the remaining regions in the country.

2. The Anti-Rabies Campaign in Cagayan and Isabela: An Assessment
Low observance of dog immunization; rabies incidence is influenced by the knowledge of the disease. 
There is also a call on government, NGOs to promote anti-rabies campaign.
There is also logistics problem so instead of going to a hospital, people go to "Mananandok"

3. The Attitudinal and Behavioral Care-Giving Traits of the Nurses in the Hospitals of Puerto Princesa City: Basis for Nursing Curriculum Enhancement
With the nursing curriculum, it hopes to develop right values among nurses.

4. HV / AIDS - Related Risky Sexual Behaviors of Adults in Naga City
The study showed that females have better knowledge in terms of sexuality.
It also showed that the level of educational attainment has correlation with the increase risk of sexual behaviors.

By creating programs, the use of instruction materials, media and publishing the study will hopefully minimize HIV-Aids.

5. Healthcare Service Competencies of Volunteer Nurses Preferred by Internal Clients in Surgical Department of the Zamboanga Medical Center.
Hospital administrators should encourage the staff to go to continuing nursing education thus help improve the quality of health care in Zamboanga City.

6. Health Promotion and Empowerment Among Local Migrant Workers in Cagayan de Oro City
The following are some of the concerns that might be explored more re the topic:
     i.  lack of job opportunities; working while studying, etc.
     ii.  low monthly income
     iii.  vulnerability to mental health problems including physical and mental strains
     iv.  better programs, local and national government, policy changes

7. Oral Iron Supplementation: Effects on Maternal and Infant Iron Status on Breast Milk Iron Concentration.
 Three month iron supplementation for mothers until the iron level is normal

8. The  - 590CT / IL4 Single - nucleotide Polymorphism as a Genetic Factor of Atopic Allergy
 Environment, genes, exposure to infectious diseases
 two important aspects: (1) determination of IgE levels; and (2) single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of genotype IL-4.

     *Difference in genotypes of allergic and non-allergic individuals
     *Individuals with TT alleles have almost 4X chance of having high IgE
     *  590 C/T IL4 promoter polymorphism is a potential risk factor for IgE production.

9. Mobile E-health: A Monitoring System for Health Centers
Lack of information that makes diseases/disasters worse hence building an info system hopefully minimizes morbidity and mortality

Use of weekly disease identiafiable form through recording of new diseases by text messages
Mobile e health then collates the data using the incremental model with 4 stages from inception (stage 1) to analysis building of information (stage 4).

Hopefully, we will know instantly the diseases affecting a barangay, a town, a province and the entire Philippines.

10. The Effect of Euphorbia Hirta Oral Decoction on the Mean Platelet Counts of Carboplatin-Induced Thrombocytopenic and Non-Induced Mice.
 How helpful is tawa-tawa or mangagaw (euphorbia hirta) in ocytopenia especially those of dengue cases?

11. Short-term Memory Enhancing Effect of Bacopa Monniera Derivate on Adult Male Albino Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

As Measure by Rate of Learning in Radial 8-Arm Maze - A Randomized Controlled Trial using albino rats, bacopa moniera reduced number of errors made in a particular task

Identify the right research design and adequate sample size is important for the study
Memory using rats as subjects must have been operationally defined.

12. Isolation and Screening of Microorganisms for the Production of Bioactive Compounds Against Food and Plant Pathogen

The three (3) isolates: lactic acid, endophytes and actinomyates are important isolates against human and plant pathogens

These can be applied as preservatives in the future for treatment of human diseases

13. A Prospective Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial of the Effect Centella Asiatica Cream and Silver Sulfadiazine on Acute Superficial Wounds of Patients at Southern Medical Philippines Medical Center.

An alternative medicine that is available, cheap, affordable and can be prepared easily.
Centella asiatica-anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound healing
It reduced the number of bacterial colony count
It showed that it is as effective as sulfadiazine
To show more statistical and clinical significance, expand the sample size

14. Characterization of P53 Gene Mutations Among Patients with Colorectal Cancer in a Tertiary Hospital in Metro Manila.

P53 tumor suppressor gene
P53 mutation maybe predictive of the tumor response to therapy
Fifty three percent (53%) of colorectal CA patients carry P53 mutations
Males and older individuals (60 and above) carry higher P53 mutations.
Drugs designed to target P53 hotspot regions may not be efficient because mutation occurred in areas outside the hotspots regions

All the researches are interesting and promising.  Dr. Garayblas - Gonzaga encouraged that researchers should have their work published in scientific journals in order more people will be aware of its significance and impact.

The status of a nation depends on the health of its citizens; the health depends on the delivery of quality health service; to improve the delivery better, we have our researches to back us up so we can convince/influence our policy makers. We look forward to better knowledge management and knowledge utilization.