1. One (1) contestant per Regional Health Research Development Consortium (RHRDC) is expected. SUBMISSION OF CONTESTANT is on or before AUGUST 7, 2018 at 12:00NN.
  2. The contestants or their representative will be called to draw their parts in the organizers’ pre-identified song/s.
  3. Each contestant shall be given a number to determine the sequence of performance.
  4. Participants who are absent/late for 5 minutes will be disqualified.
  5. The 1st prize in this event will be awarded 3,000.00 pesos, 2nd prize is 2,000.00 pesos, and 3rd prize with 1,000.00 pesos.
  6. The decision of the judges is final and unappealable.


Voice Quality 30%

  • Vocal harmony with other contestants
  • Vocal intonation and projection
  • Accuracy of pitch
  • Tone color

Diction, Timing and Dynamics 20%

  • Color of vowels
  • Proper emphasis or accent on the words
  • Softness and loudness
  • Rhythm

Musicality, Creativity Breathing and Phrasing 20%

  • Style and interpretation
  • Delivery
  • Correct cutting of lines
  • Legato and staccato

Interpretation and Stage Presence 15%

  • Facial expression
  • Proper focus
  • Attire

Audience Impact and Rapport 15%

  • Expression of enjoyment and happy mood from viewers



  1. After the color dance during the Fellowship Night, members in the dance floor will select their group representative.
  2. Every color must select representative preferably (3 males and 3 female).
  3. One (1) color will be chosen as the fashionistas of the night.
  4. The 1st prize in this event will be awarded 5,000.00 pesos, 2nd prize is 3,000.00 pesos, and 3rd prize with 2,000.00 pesos.


Style 30%

  • Glamour and poise
  • Neatness and grooming
  • Creativity of Costume
  • Blending of Colors

Projection 35%

  • Fluidity and ease of movements
  • Techniques in the execution of display
  • High energy, full projection, expression
  • Synchronization of movements with music
  • Use of floor space
  • Exhibits confidence and attitude

Originality 20%

  • Choice of attire
  • Visual Appeal
  • Exquisite design

Audience Impact 15%

  • Expression of enjoyment and happy mood from viewers



  1. The contest is open to all registered participants of the conference.
  2. Photos shall be taken only during the stated contest period (August 6–8, 2018) until 3:00pm within the conference venue premises.
  3. Entries shall be uploaded in Facebook using the hashtag #PNHRS2018TADHANA together with the nicknames of participants in the photo and short description (maximum of 10 words).
  4. Concept should be original, entertaining and wholesome, depicting Fun and Camaraderie.
  5. Photos should not be altered digitally nor edited.
  6. Only colored format is acceptable. No black and whites. Filters are allowed.
  7. Best Groufie Award winner will be announced during the Fellowship Night.
  8. The 1st prize in this event will be awarded 5,000.00 pesos.


Photo Fit & Relevance 50%

  • Photo meets the criteria of the contest of number series
  • Number of individuals in the photo
  • Completeness and sequence of number series

Composition & Creativity 20%

  • Items of interest are placed well in the photo
  • No distracting elements
  • The subject matter is pictured in a unique way or
  • A common item shown from an interesting point-of-view
  • The photo demonstrates originality
  • Light is used in interesting ways

Overall Impression 20%

  • Photo is able to grab the viewer’s attention and hold it
  • Wow factor/Special Effects/Extras
  • Number of Facebook likes and comments
  • Technical Quality 10%
  • Photo in focus
  • Lighting is balance
  • Depth of field is considered/used
  • Shutter speed varied or adjusted to be appropriate for the photo and happy mood from viewers

8 August 2018 | 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
CAP Convention, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Attire: Smart Casual in any of the following colors: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, or Violet 



4:30 – 5:15 PM


Reception and Assembly

5:16 – 5:45 PM


5:46 – 5:50 PM

Panag-ayab (Gong Call) and Parade of Regions


Cordilleran Prayer (Ugayam)

5:51 – 6:00 PM

Welcome Remarks


Chairperson, Organizing Committee

Chancellor, UP Baguio

6:01 – 6:15 PM

Unity Dance

5:45 – 6:00 PM

RHRDCs Singing Contest

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Dance of Decades

7:00 – 9:00 PM



PCHRD Through the Years

Color Dance and Fashionistaz Show

Awards and Recognition


Chairperson, CRHRDC



Lead Coordinator, PNHRS

and Executive Director, PCHRD


Final Socials Dance Salvo: UC DANCE COMPANY

Dance Party


Fellowship Night Main Act and Performers

MARIAN SANCHEZ, Executive Director, Luke Foundation Inc.
EDGAR C. TOCLO, Nurse II, Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center
Master of Ceremonies

Dr. Ernesto O. Domingo received his medical degree from University of the Philippines (UP) Manila and acquired his specialization in internal medicine at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). He further specialized in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Upon his return to the Philippines, Dr. Domingo spent over four decades in UP Manila as a researcher, teacher, chancellor, and university professor emeritus. He founded, along with a number of colleagues, the Universal Health Care (UHC) Study Group in the hope of advancing universal healthcare in the country through research and advocacy. The group’s efforts became the basis for the Department of Health’s Universal Health Care Program dubbed “Kalusugang Pangkalahatan.”

An expert and luminary in his field, Dr. Domingo conducted studies on schistosomiasis and its role in liver disease and the epidemiology of Hepatitis. He led and organized the Liver Study Group (LSG) of the University of the Philippines which has done major research on liver cancer, viral hepatitis, schistosomiasis japonica, and liver cirrhosis. His group led groundbreaking studies determined that immunizing newborns against hepatitis B within 24 hours from birth could reduce the probability of acquiring hepatitis by 95%.

He received distinguished honors and recognitions throughout his career, including being elected as Academician of the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) in 1992, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Dangal ng Bayan Award, Science Achievement Award in Medicine from the National Researchers Council of the Philippines (NRCP), among others. He was given the rank and title of National Scientist of the Philippines, for his work in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, in 2010 and received international acclaim when he was honored with the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2013 for his work in addressing the challenges in the public health system.

Today, Dr. Domingo has a private medical practice and holds clinic in Manila’s best hospitals. He honors service to the nation through his work as an adviser and consultant to major research projects in health and healthcare. Even at his age, as an academician, a doctor, a researcher, a father, and a husband, Dr. Ernesto O. Domingo soldiers on.

SIQUIJOR, Jan. 11 (PIA) – The Siquijor Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC), the provincial arm of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the province, reinforces its 2018 target with upcoming new projects.

“Every year, DOST Siquijor receives request from interested micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) asking for technology assistance in terms of technology upgrading, technology needs assessment, provision of appropriate product packaging and labeling, and laboratory analysis, among others,” said Siquijor PSTC Director Engr. Mario de la Pena in a press release. 

He added that next year, the agency aims to reach out to more qualified MSMEs to avail of the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). 

In his release, DOST-Siquijor Information Officer and Sciernce Research Analyst, Engr. ReinholdJek Abing, reported that as of October 2017, DOST Siquijor has assisted eight MSMEs and turned over a total of P3.9 million.

In 2018, the agency aims to meet or surpass that target, he said.

He also reported that the Science Education Institute (SEI) of DOST, the education arm of the agency, accepts yearly application for its Undergraduate Scholarships - RA 7687 and Merit - and Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS). 

DOST Siquijor aims to have at least two passers per municipality or a total of 12 passers provincewide, he said.

Another program is the DOST consultancy as one of the agency's holistic approach to assisting MSMEs. 

For a couple of years, mango farming was the priority sector for the Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity (CAPE) of the agency.

This year, DOST Siquijor PSTC will focus on the integrated farming in the province which was gaining traction thanks in part to the demand of resort and restaurant owners for locally grown vegetables and other produce. 

Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program will continue to focus assisting DOST SETUP clients whose firms need to revise plant/processing area layout, update cost minimization methods, among others.

With other consultancy programs such as Energy Audit, Cleaner Production, and Food Safety, the agency is poised to assist in almost every aspect of the production process/area of the firm.

To further increase the S&T library holdings of the public schools in the province, DOST Siquijor aims to add STARBOOKS sites by providing one set of STARBOOKS to five identified secondary schools.

The agency has already received a proposal for funding from the DepED Division of Siquijor. 

In the wake of last year's successful conduct of Climate Science Youth Camp 2017, de la Peña said that this year, the Climate Science Youth Camp will be bigger and more exciting. 

Attendees will be coming from provinces in the Visayas region and some parts of Mindanao.

More interactive activities with scientists will also be held.

Abing also disclosed that a Coastal Ocean Dynamics Applications Radar (CODAR) was recently installed in Bogo, Maria, Siquijor.  

DOST Siquijor envisions having same equipment installed in the San Juan area, as originally planned years before.

In the health sector, the rollout of RxBox in identified rural health centers in the province is expected to boost the health care capability of local health care providers.

Meanwhile, Siquijor State College through the endorsement and support of DOST Siquijor PSTC and DOST-7 submitted this year another proposal for funding from the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) of DOST.

Should it be approved, it will be the 3rd phase of the research which aims to document the folk healing practices particularly within the area in Lazi municipality where Señora River is located. (RAC/PIA7-Siquijor w/ reports from Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing, Science Research Analyst)