Student and Professional Podium Presentation: A Showcase of knowledge and expertise in Health Research and Innovation

Student and Professional Podium Presentation…A Showcase of knowledge and expertise in Health Research and Innovation Jose Mari Louis G. Alforque, RN, MN, DScN The Central Visayas Consortium for Health Research and Development (CVCHRD) in collaboration with the Cebu Normal University celebrated its 3rd Annual Central Visayas Health Research and Innovation Conference with the theme Research and Innovation: Linking Theory and Practice on May 06 – 09, 2018 at Cebu Normal University.

Day 2 of the event is the Health Forum on Biotechnology held at the Tandang Sora Hall, Cebu Normal University. Simultaneously, Student Podium Presentation and Professional Podium Presentation is held at the EMMA Hall and the CN Amphitheater, respectively. The podium presentations provide the venue for active researchers to present their research output. Research conference presentations allow a researcher to present the data and significant findings of his study, showing the many stages of development (e.g. preliminary findings, recently collected data, or data that is pending to be published).

The American Psychological Association (2018) during the Psychological Science Agenda in November 2007 advocated that one of the many advantages from research conference presentations is the avenue to advocate for the science or body of knowledge that one is representing. A representation of the field of interest allows researches from other disciplines, policy-makers, and the public will be made aware of the innovations in research emerged and being generated in a particular subfield. Further, the APA pointed out that as scientist and as researchers, we have the intellectual and social responsibility to share the our research findings with people outside the discipline we are representing for the purpose of increasing the visibility and availability of the research conducted and be able to reinforce knowledge and learning among interested individuals. The pool of researches for presentation is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research studies. The winners of the podium presentation (both student and professional) will be awarded on May 09, 2018.

The researches presented in the Student Podium Presentation are the following: 1.)Religiousity and Level of Peer Pressure and its influence on the Engagement of Pre-Marital Sex among College Students of a University in Cebu City for the Academic Year 2017-2018; 2.) Level of Awareness on Electronic Cigarette Smoking among Young Adults in Tisa, Labangon, Cebu City; 3.) Anticoagulant Activity of Sea Hare (DolabelleAuricularia) Methanol Egg Extract in Icr Mice (Musmusculus); 4.) Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior of the residents of Barangay Calindagan, Dumaguete City Toward Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis Testing; 5.) Test for Antibacterial Property of Chromolaenaodorata (Hagonoy) Leaf Extract; 6.) Toxicity Evaluation of Cebu Cinnamon (CinnamomumCebuenseKosterm.) Leaf Extracts using Brine Shrimp Lethality Assay (Bsla) and Earthwrom Assay; 7.) Growth Inhibition and Relative Shortening of Telomere Length