PNHRS Week Contests



  1. One (1) contestant per Regional Health Research Development Consortium (RHRDC) is expected. SUBMISSION OF CONTESTANT is on or before AUGUST 7, 2018 at 12:00NN.
  2. The contestants or their representative will be called to draw their parts in the organizers’ pre-identified song/s.
  3. Each contestant shall be given a number to determine the sequence of performance.
  4. Participants who are absent/late for 5 minutes will be disqualified.
  5. The 1st prize in this event will be awarded 3,000.00 pesos, 2nd prize is 2,000.00 pesos, and 3rd prize with 1,000.00 pesos.
  6. The decision of the judges is final and unappealable.


Voice Quality 30%

  • Vocal harmony with other contestants
  • Vocal intonation and projection
  • Accuracy of pitch
  • Tone color

Diction, Timing and Dynamics 20%

  • Color of vowels
  • Proper emphasis or accent on the words
  • Softness and loudness
  • Rhythm

Musicality, Creativity Breathing and Phrasing 20%

  • Style and interpretation
  • Delivery
  • Correct cutting of lines
  • Legato and staccato

Interpretation and Stage Presence 15%

  • Facial expression
  • Proper focus
  • Attire

Audience Impact and Rapport 15%

  • Expression of enjoyment and happy mood from viewers



  1. After the color dance during the Fellowship Night, members in the dance floor will select their group representative.
  2. Every color must select representative preferably (3 males and 3 female).
  3. One (1) color will be chosen as the fashionistas of the night.
  4. The 1st prize in this event will be awarded 5,000.00 pesos, 2nd prize is 3,000.00 pesos, and 3rd prize with 2,000.00 pesos.


Style 30%

  • Glamour and poise
  • Neatness and grooming
  • Creativity of Costume
  • Blending of Colors

Projection 35%

  • Fluidity and ease of movements
  • Techniques in the execution of display
  • High energy, full projection, expression
  • Synchronization of movements with music
  • Use of floor space
  • Exhibits confidence and attitude

Originality 20%

  • Choice of attire
  • Visual Appeal
  • Exquisite design

Audience Impact 15%

  • Expression of enjoyment and happy mood from viewers



  1. The contest is open to all registered participants of the conference.
  2. Photos shall be taken only during the stated contest period (August 6–8, 2018) until 3:00pm within the conference venue premises.
  3. Entries shall be uploaded in Facebook using the hashtag #PNHRS2018TADHANA together with the nicknames of participants in the photo and short description (maximum of 10 words).
  4. Concept should be original, entertaining and wholesome, depicting Fun and Camaraderie.
  5. Photos should not be altered digitally nor edited.
  6. Only colored format is acceptable. No black and whites. Filters are allowed.
  7. Best Groufie Award winner will be announced during the Fellowship Night.
  8. The 1st prize in this event will be awarded 5,000.00 pesos.


Photo Fit & Relevance 50%

  • Photo meets the criteria of the contest of number series
  • Number of individuals in the photo
  • Completeness and sequence of number series

Composition & Creativity 20%

  • Items of interest are placed well in the photo
  • No distracting elements
  • The subject matter is pictured in a unique way or
  • A common item shown from an interesting point-of-view
  • The photo demonstrates originality
  • Light is used in interesting ways

Overall Impression 20%

  • Photo is able to grab the viewer’s attention and hold it
  • Wow factor/Special Effects/Extras
  • Number of Facebook likes and comments
  • Technical Quality 10%
  • Photo in focus
  • Lighting is balance
  • Depth of field is considered/used
  • Shutter speed varied or adjusted to be appropriate for the photo and happy mood from viewers