Health Research  and Development Area

Specific Research Concerns/Topics

Lifestyle Related Diseases



*Factors Affecting Substance Abuse

*Impact of Diet and Exercise on Health

Quality Health Education

*In* Integration of Health Education in BEC


Occupational and Environmental Health Risks


*Health Impact of Pesticide Exposure

*Health Impact of Mining Industries

*Climate Change and Health


Health Policies/Legislations

*Nature of Health Policies and Its Implementation in the Local Government Units


Mental Health

*Incidence and care of Mentally- Challenged Children


Local Health System


*Functionality and effectiveness of Local Health Boards in Health Promotion and Development

*Referral System

*Best Practices in Health Care Financing Scheme


Traditional Health Care Practices/ Norms


*Health Practices and Health Seeking Behavior among Indigenous and Cultural Communities

*Delivery Practices among IP mothers

*Alternative Medicines


Public Health Issues - Infectious Diseases


*Management of Dengue


*TB incidence among teachers


Health of Special Population




*Mothers and Children

*Elderly People

*Physically Challenged People


Access to  Basic Health Services



*General Population


*Delivery Practices among IPs.


Health Emergency Management

*Health Emergency Preparedness of LGUs


HALAL Practices and Health

*Halal Practices Among  Food Establishments

*Verification of Halal-ness of Halal-labeled products

*Halal Practices and Incidence of Diseases

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R & D Activities

  1. Conducted Technical review of proposals submitted for funding under RRF.
  2. Three (3) proposals from MSU were granted financial assistance in the total amount of Php 600,000.00.
  3. Conducted Strategic Planning Workshop on November 26-29, 2012 in GSC.
  4. Crafted the Strategic Plan for CY 2013-2015 and the Action Plan for CY 2013.

Capacity Building Activities

  1. Sent three (3) participants from the member-agencies of HRDC XII to attend the Training on Animal Care and Utilization at UP NIH in September 2012.
  2. Three participants were oriented  and trained by UP NIH applying the  laws that govern the use of animals in research. They became knowledgeable about ethical issues in the conduct of research involving animals which the consortium can now refer to when evaluating proposals.
  3. Sent five (5) participants from HRDC XII to attend the PNHRS Assembly last August 2012 in Manila.
  4. Participants were able to interact with the representatives from other consortia throughout the country. They were also clarified on the operations of the consortium and encouraged them to submit proposals and support activities of the consortium that will redound to their own benefits.


Info-dissemination Activities

  1. Disseminated information for Call of Proposals for submission to HRDC XII
  2. Health researchers submitted capsule proposals to avail of the DOH funding support which was coursed through the PNHRS/PCHRD-DOST.

ARMM Health Research Consortium Reorientation Meeting and Strategic Planning Workshop
December 17-19, 2012 at El Manuel Convention Center, Cotabato City.
































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What proposals may qualify


Research proposals that will be entertained by the HRDCR IV-A are those which address priority health problems identified under the PNHRS National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA).

Research priorities for the year 2011-2016 are:

a. Drug discovery and Development

b. Development of Diagnostic Kits for Priority Diseases

c. Genomic and Molecular Technology

d. ICT for Health

e. Hospital Equipment and Biomedical Devices

f.  Functional Foods

The proposal should contain the following:

•Cover sheet •Table of contents •Introduction •Program/project title •Program/project leader •Implementing agency •Cooperating agency •Significance of the proposal •Literature review •Objectives •Expected Output (s) •End-users/target beneficiaries •Program/project duration •Methodology • Plans for data processing and analysis •Work plan schedule •Ethical/biosafety clearance •Research utilization •Estimated budgetary requirements •Curriculum vitae •Endorsement from the agency head • Bibliography •Line Item Budget (LIB)

(Description of research area and template of detailed research proposal available at and )

The submitted proposal shall also meet the following requirements:


•Relevant to regional health problems

•In accordance with the priorities identified by NUHRA

•With budgetary requirement not exceeding P200,000 with a duration of six months to one-year.

Who may apply

Regular staff and faculty members of research institutes, medical and paramedical schools, hospitals and other health related agencies may submit proposals, properly endorsed by the head of the agency. Likewise, medical residents of hospitals may submit proposals provided that he or she will be working under the supervision of a more experienced researcher affiliated in the same institution. These proposals should be addressed to:


c/o Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

Room 6301 3/F De La Salle Angelo King   Medical Research Center,

Gov. D Mangubat Ave. Dasmarinas City    Cavite, 4114, Philippines

Suggested deadline for submission of proposals

15 June 2013


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